Week 6: Staying cool under of pressure

Do these things this week
Attend second dance lesson
Track RSVPs
Get venue layout from reception venue (for seating)
Review day-of schedule with photographer, caterer and DJ
Finish vows
Select ceremony readers and readings

We want to use this week to check in and see how you’re doing. The next six weeks may pass by in a blur, and at the same time it’s possible to feel like you have so much to do! If you find yourself bumping heads with your spouse-to-be more than ever over the next few weeks, just know that’s normal.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself while taking care of everything else. A few tips for de-stressing:

  • If you and your fiance(e) are feeling disconnected or overwhelmed, schedule some time for the two of you to get away (and to get away from wedding planning!). A small weekend trip or weekend off of planning won’t set you back, and it could be the breath of fresh air you need to tackle the final steps ahead of you.
  • Block out a few hours of your day for you-time. Put the wedding plans aside and remember what makes you tick and what you liked to do with your free time (remember that?) before you were planning a wedding. Then do those things.
  • Let go and let your vendors do what they do. Event planner Jaime D of Coordinate This suggests that you, “lean on the professionals you hired. Don’t over think the details. Everything will be perfect. Take time to reflect as the wedding will be here and gone before you know it.”


If you’re up for a crossing things off you’re list this week, we’ve included a few simple tasks above that should be easy to complete.