Week 4: Epic Seating Charts and Nagging Laggards

Do these things this week
Compile initial seating chart
Reach out to late responders
Collect documents for honeymoon
Confirm rehearsal dinner with invited guests
Attend third dance lesson


Once you have all (or most) of your RSVPs in, you can begin to decide where everyone should sit. While seating charts are optional, we think they’re good practice. Seat guests together who haven’t met, but you know they have a lot in common. Maybe even do a little matchmaking! It might feel like a puzzle at first but it doesn’t have to be a hard. And as with many aspects of planning your wedding, you have options when it comes to creating your seating chart. This isn’t rocket science. You can:

  • Assign nothing
  • Assign tables but not seats
  • Assign tables and seats

To get started, ask your wedding planner or venue manager for the dimensions and seating capacity of the tables at your reception venue. If the venue doesn’t provide tables, work with your planner, designer, or a rental company to figure out the best tables for your reception and how many you’ll need.

A seating chart tool can help you play around with different seating assignments until you find the right one for you. Hello Wedding lets you pick the your table shape and size and see the breakdown of male and female guests at each table so you can keep things balanced. Mathematically, there are literally over a trillion ways to seat your guests, so go for good enough and not perfect.

Even if you don’t plan to assign tables or seats, go ahead and build a table layout chart to share with your vendors before the wedding day. That gives everyone an idea of how the room will be laid out and where all of the decorations and floral arrangements should go.


Still haven’t heard from your guests? Now is the time to start nagging the late responders. If your parents or wedding party have close relationships to any of your unresponsive guests, recruit them to help out with the task.


If you’re taking a honeymoon, start collecting all of the relevant information and documents into one place, including your flight numbers and itineraries, hotel, bed and breakfast, condo, or resort information, passports, vaccination records (if relevant).