Week 33: Decor

Do these things this week
Assemble inspiration for decorations
Discuss decorations (with your planner)
Make design decisions
Begin searching for a photographer
Book appointments with your top 2 photographers for next week

At this point we’ve thought about the who, what, when, where, and wear of your wedding. Enough big picture, let’s dive into details. If you’re working with a wedding planner or designer, you may already be talking decorations and inspiration, and you’re in good hands.

Even if you’re not working with a planner, it’s hard not to get excited about all of the details and decorations that will make your celebration reflect the two of you in cool and quirky ways. Before you know it, you’re spending hours online in an effort to pin all the things.

Think back to your Top Three Things and the things that matter to you most. As you’re deciding what details and decorations you really want to incorporate into your wedding day, ask how it relates to these priorities. Make sure each of your details is adding to the emotional tone you’re trying to set for yourselves and your guests. For instance, a gumball machine equals super exciting if you’re going for fun and whimsical. But if you already know you’re going for a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding dress, stick with details that suggest period piece glam instead.

What areas of your venue(s) do you actually need to decorate? If you’re marrying indoors or in a large empty space (think event halls or ballrooms) and you want to personalize the space more, think of how you want your family and friends to interact with the space and where you want to draw their attention. Lighting, table arrangements, backdrop walls, and other details can transform a blank space into a personalized venue. If you’re getting married in an outdoor venue, nature might do the decorating for you. You can focus on the centerpieces and maybe a few aisle markers without going overboard to decorate your venue. Keep things in line with the environment around you, so focus on natural looking flower arrangements or even loose groupings of wild flowers. Small tea lights can add ambience without taking away from your surroundings.

When planning out your decorations for the day, event stylist Jenn Elliott Blake recommends that you “minimize the quantity of details and focus on the quality…simplify things. Invest in details that will bring life to your day (choose a stunning bouquet by the best floral designer in town and forgo arrangements down the aisle, maybe just some pretty and simple foliage for the ceremony instead?). Or get creative with the centerpieces if you’re on a tight budget – maybe not large flower arrangements, but again some simple and beautiful greenery down the center with candlelight to enhance the dimension and mood.”

To DIY or Not to DIY?

Doing it yourself can sound super fun and exciting when you’re picking out your wedding decorations, but before you decide to tackle all of the details yourself, ask yourself if you have the time to take on new projects, the team to help you do it, and the experience making beautiful things with your own two hands.

If not, it might be easier to go through someone who does while still getting that same DIY feel. Wedding blogs offer loads of free printables like signage, escort cards, bride and groom signs, and photo booth props (mustaches are totally still a thing), Etsy vendors can DIY your details for you so you still get that unique cake topper and guest book or your special favors and garland without having to teach yourself how to do it all.


Of course, this is where your wedding designer shines. If you already hired a wedding designer, trust his or her instincts and expertise and let her pull together the wedding of your dreams. If you haven’t hired a wedding planner or designer, some will sit down with you for a basic design consultation, mapping out the colors, textures, and pieces you should look for so you can pull it all together.


Photography is usually one of the biggest pieces of your budget, and for good reason. Professional wedding photographers bring the right lighting, lenses, and previous experience to capture little details and moments in a way that untrained photographers simply cannot.

When you’re looking for photographers, you want to go with one that whose style fits your aesthetic and budget, and who can best capture your special day. The right photographer can help you relive the emotions of your wedding day for years to come.