Week 32: Photographer + Videographer

Do these things this week
Meet with your top 2 wedding photographers
Select your photographer and sign contract
Schedule engagement shoot for 4 weeks out
Begin searching for a videographer
Book an appointment with your favorite


When you find a few photographers that you like, schedule a consultation with them so that you can get to know each other. While you’re meeting with them, see if you click and if they get your vision for your wedding day. Next to your wedding planner, your photographer will be the vendor you interact with most on your wedding day, so go with someone who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed from the get-go, and who can bring out a natural smile.

If all of that clicks, you’re in a good place. From there, ask about specific details, including the questions below:

  • Will he or she be joined by a second shooter?
  • How many weddings does he or she shoot in one day?
  • How many hours does a typical wedding day contract cover?
  • What the typical turnaround time is for photos after the wedding day?

And lastly, if you’re using an event stylist he or she “should be well aware of all of the details that are most important to you and should also be given the opportunity to know the wedding day schedule and connect with the photographer before the day begins,” says event stylist Jenn Elliott Blake. “Event styling is typically something that happens hand in hand with the work of the photographer and therefore these two vendors should be comfortable with each other (or at the very least know each other’s names) before the day of the wedding.”


Photographers book up early, so when you find one try to make it official as soon as possible. When you’re ready to sign the contract, look it over to make sure it includes the information below.

  • Who: name and contact info (your’s and their’s)
  • What: everything they’ll be providing
  • Where: the location of your events
  • When: dates and times of service
  • How much: cost per service
  • Receipt: the deposit paid, the balance due and due dates
  • Uh oh: cancellation policies and emergencies

Once you’ve both signed the contract, file your copy in a place where you can easily access it later, and update your budget to reflect what you spent and what you still owe.


Some photographers include a complimentary or discounted engagement photo session before the wedding. While it’s totally optional and up to you, if you do decide to go forward with your engagement shoot, it can be a great way to get to know your photographer and see how you work together before the big day. Engagement sessions usually take place anywhere from 9 months to 3 months before the wedding and last just a few hours. Have fun – choose a location that carries special meaning for you.

You won’t be scheduling this for another few weeks, just keep it in mind.


No matter how present you are on your wedding day or how good you are at being everywhere at once, there will be moments that pass by in a blur. You may have heard it one too many times by now, but the saying is true: it will be over before you know it.

Videographers capture the things that can’t be caught on film alone, like when you couldn’t say your vows because of your happy tears or that hilarious impersonation your Best Man did in his roast, so that you can revisit and relive those special moments long after the wedding day.

“The benefits of having your day professionally captured on film are numerous,” says Leslee Leaming of Leslee Leaming Films. “It’s surprising how quickly the wedding day passes. Your memories are what you have left after the cake is eaten and the flowers have wilted. Photos are priceless, but nothing captures the raw emotion and feel of your day like film. Your wedding film is the truest account of your big day. Each time you watch it, you truly relive it all over again.”