Week 25: Save-the-Date + Addressing Etiquette

Do these things this week
Address + send save-the-dates
Browse for honeymoon locations and deals
Book honeymoon flights, we'll book hotels later

We’ll be booking a lot of things this week, but stick with it. At this point you’re lining things up and knocking them down.


After you’ve selected your venue, set your date, built your guest list, and collected your guests’ addresses, you’re ready to get the word out and give your guests a firm date to attach to your wedding.

Even if you don’t have every wedding detail figured out, let your family and friends know when and where you’re getting married so they can start booking flights and hotels, asking for time off work and making plans to throw down some cash for your wedding gifts.

(And you get to share your engagement photos, so it’s a win for all involved. People eat this stuff up.)

Whether you send a Save the Date by mail or digitally, include the following information:

  • Your names
  • Your wedding date
  • Ceremony and reception locations
  • Wedding website URL

Once you send out your save the dates, the recipients are officially on the guest list. So if you’re still not sure if you’ll be able to invite some members of your backup list, leave them off for now. And when buying postage, always buy a few extra stamps in case of last minute additions!


When you’re addressing your envelopes, there are a few rules of etiquette that you can follow if you’d like. For a great walk-through of addressing etiquette, visit Crane & Co’s guide to envelope etiquette.

If you have a guest list management tool, you should be able to easily export your guests’ addresses and print them onto labels. If your guest list management tool is really awesome, you should already have all of your guests’ email addresses too. Consider going green and sending something digitally. Put the money you save into buying your dream invitations.

Still need a guest list management tool? We like ours a lot. Hello Wedding helps you easily collect your guests’ email addresses and mailing addresses and offers personalized digital save the dates. We also automatically format your guests’ addresses for you, so you don’t have to. Let us help you!

Tip: Hello Wedding allows you to choose between formal or informal etiquette when you’re addressing your envelopes, and we format your guests’ names and addresses for you!