Week 15: Let Them Eat Cake

Do these things this week
Speak to your caterer about desserts
Explore other dessert options
Set up a dessert appointment for next week
Give invitations to calligrapher


Desserts – the cause and solution to all of life’s problems. Picking out your dessert(s) can be a great opportunity to pay homage to the special people in your lives or to carry on fun family traditions. For example, If your fiance(e)’s mother makes a killer carrot cake, incorporate it into one of your wedding cake tiers, or have some carrot cake cupcakes. This could be a touching gesture that makes her day!

Before you begin to look for a baker, spend some time daydreaming about your ideal dessert set up. Go back to your Top Three Things again and ask yourself what matters most and what tone you’re trying to set. Do you want your cake to reflect the formality of the event or do you want a homey dessert table that invites guests to pick and choose their favorite treats?

Donna Munson of Madison’s on Main asks couples to bring any ideas they have with them to the consultation. “If they have pictures of cakes saved (95% do…and they typically have a Pinterest board with photos as well), to bring those, color swatches, invitations, and a picture of their dress, if they want to use it as inspiration. I always ask if there is a certain feel that they want to convey. Most brides already have a vision when they come in, and then we use that to begin the conversation with design. If they don’t have any ideas, then I will ask to see the items I mentioned above and then I will pull ideas for them that I feel conveys their vision.”

If you’re on a budget, think outside the cake box! Even gourmet doughnuts can say ‘wedding’ if presented in the right way. And, heck, as long as you’re doing things your way, why not break the mold with a froyo or ice cream buffet. in place of baked desserts. Or a make your own cookie station (think sugar cookies, icing, and toppings of your choice).


When you’re visiting bakeries, there can be a lot of flavors and styles to choose from, and it can be easy to get caught up in choosing the best ones. If it feels overwhelming, take a deep breath and remind yourselves that your guests will have no idea if you had the option to choose between a chocolate buttercream or an amaretto filling. All they’ll know is that your desserts are delicious and they’re happy to be with you.


If you can’t afford to go through a professional bakery, find out if any friends or family members can provide smaller pastries or treats. Homemade brownies, cookies, or even cupcakes are perfect for weddings, especially if wrapped in a small ribbon with cute gift tags or stacked on cake stands and dessert trees. Have fun with it and let the dessert selection process be a fun experience, not a stressful one.


If you’re working with a calligrapher, deliver the invitations and envelopes to him or her this week to begin writing and / or addressing. You’ll want to allow enough time to get them in the mail ten weeks before the wedding date.