Week 14: Gifts

Do these things this week
Meet with your dessert provider
Select dessert and sign contract
Determine if you want to give favors to guests
Decide if you want to give wedding party gifts


Award-winning cake designer Donna Munson of Madison’s on Main says, “I actually only do one consult with the couple in person. The rest we do through phone calls and emails. They do their tasting at the same time as we do the design process. (If a couple doesn’t know what they want beforehand) I will ask if they want to go with a traditional design or something more about “them.” That starts the conversation and the wheels turning!”


Once you’re ready to sign a contract with a baker, look it over to make sure it includes the information below:

  • Who: name and contact info (your’s and their’s)
  • What: everything they’ll be providing (cake, cupcakes, etc.)
  • Where: the location of your events
  • When: dates and times of service
  • How much: cost per item, delivery and set-up fees
  • Receipt: the deposit paid, the balance due and due dates
  • Uh oh: cancellation policies and emergencies

Once both you and your baker have signed on the dotted line, share your baker’s contact information with your caterer, venue, and wedding planner / designer. The more in-tune your wedding vendors are, the more seamlessly your event will come together. Then file your contract with the additional wedding contracts you’ve signed up to this point.


Some couples give small gifts to their wedding party members as a way of saying thank you for the hard work and support that goes into planning a wedding. As the cost of being a bridesmaid or a groomsman goes up, it becomes more common to give gifts related to their participation in the wedding – cover the bridesmaids’ hair or makeup, gift jewelry you want them to wear, or you could give each groomsman the tie or cuff links they’ll wear on your wedding day.

Whatever the case, don’t sweat the details. Buying a gift for your wedding party doesn’t have to be another big line item in your budget. A simple thank you card and hug of appreciation could be all they need to know that you value their support and hard work.


If you’re planning on sending guests home with favors, think of ways that you can say thank you for attending while sharing something important to you or unique to your wedding location like small jars of local honey or bags of your favorite candy.

If you’re hiring a photo booth, you can also consider the photo strips to be your guests’ favors. “A photo booth can be a great value for couples as well, because it’s both entertainment and a personalized party favor for their guests. We all love taking photos of ourselves, and the photo booth is the original selfie!” says BotBooth founder David Chitwood.