Week 10: Address Etiquette

Do these things this week
Address invitations
Send invitations


Most experts advise getting the invitations out at least 8 weeks before your wedding. If you’re having a destination wedding, you might want to send them even earlier. Be sure to include an RSVP by date so guests know when they need to get back to you. Even with the date in there, plan on following up with a few last minute stragglers who will likely not get their RSVP in until nudged.


Collecting RSVPs is one of the most crucial pieces of wedding planning, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Allowing your guests to RSVP digitally makes it easier on both them and you. A good guest list management tool will allow you to incorporate an RSVP feature into your wedding website and will automatically update your guest list as the RSVPs roll in, taking a huge amount of work off of your shoulders.

We think ours is awesome. You can tally results and filter them with ease! (Regardless of whether you’re collecting RSVPs digitally or traditionally.)

If you’d rather have guests return formal RSVP cards, the return envelope is traditionally addressed to the bride’s parents (hey, one less thing for you to do!) but there are no rules that say you have to do it that way. Have a bridesmaid that’s dying to help out? Ask her to collect RSVPs.

Regardless of which route you go, include a response date of at least three to four weeks before your wedding. That will allow you to tally up a final headcount, finalize your seating chart, and accurately relay the information to your vendors, while also following up with anyone who’s past deadline.