Wedding Day Contact List

A wedding day contact list is crucial for saving yourself headaches on your big day. By identifying the important people involved in your wedding day, and then sharing this information with each of them, you’ll give everyone a way to contact each other without going through you.

Make a list of all wedding party members and their contact information, as well as all vendors and their contact information. Share this list with your wedding party, parents, venue manager, and anyone else who might need to contact you or your vendors leading up to and through your wedding.

Designate point persons to field calls from vendors, and note if someone is especially well equipped to handle certain tasks. For instance, you could make a note that says, “call in case of schedule issues” next to your Maid of Honor so that neither you nor your fiance will have to take the call. That will allow the two of you to enjoy the minutes leading up to your wedding without worrying about any last minute hiccups or questions that might come up. The last thing that you want is your cell blowing up while you walk down the aisle.

Your wedding day contact list doesn’t have to be drafted until the week before your wedding day, but just make sure you set aside the time to do it. It will be an invaluable piece of your peace of mind come your big day!