How to Pick Your Maid of Honor

For some women, selecting a Maid of Honor out of a group of tight-knit friends can be hard. Not sure how to pick your Maid of Honor?

Your Maid of Honor should be someone who can stay calm under pressure and help you do the same. An irresponsible Maid of Honor causes tremendous wedding stress – you need someone dependable! Pick someone who not only loves you, but someone who’s organized and can cover for you in conversations with the vendors, wedding planner or designer, and venue on the day-of. She may take the lead on planning a bridal shower and bachelorette party, and will make sure the rest of the bridal party has what they need in time to walk down the aisle ahead of you on your special day. Not to mention she’ll hold both the groom’s ring and your bouquet as you stand at the altar.

If you have your heart set on asking your sister to be your Maid of Honor, but you know she couldn’t be organized if her life depended on it, there’s no harm in recruiting a day-of point person for this role instead. This should be a person who can read your mind and make decisions in your place should any bumps occur on your big day.

So now that you know how to pick your Maid of Honor, get out there and do it!