Do You Have to Give Your Wedding Party Gifts?

There’s no doubt you love your wedding party, and you couldn’t do this wedding planning thing without them. But as the cost of throwing a wedding rises (and the list of demands as to what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do increases) it can be hard to know which traditions to follow and which to leave by the wayside. When it comes to your wedding party, many couples wonder if they have to give their wedding party gifts.

While your wedding party’s number one job is cheering you to the finish line, there are a few other tasks you might tap them to perform – such as participating in a wedding party recessional before the reception (groomsmen escort bridesmaids into the venue and are announced by your DJ or bandleader), toasting / roasting you during dinner, holding onto and distributing your vendor envelopes and checks at the reception, making sure all gifts and cards make it into the couple’s car after the reception or to another predetermined location (such as the couple’s house or even deposited into the couple’s bank account), signing the marriage license as witnesses of the ceremony, and assisting in arranging accommodations for out of town guests. Have these conversations between the two of you early on and determine who could be a good fit for these roles.

So do you have to give your wedding party gifts? Technically no. But do let them know you care. And make a note to treat them big time in the months following your wedding!