How to Hire a Wedding Videographer

A wedding video captures moments that photography can’t, and for that reason many couples hire a professional videographer to capture their wedding day. As with photography, it’s important that you find the right videographer for you. Read through the below tips on how to hire a wedding videographer before researching videographers in your area.


No matter how present you are on your wedding day or how good you are at being everywhere at once, there will be moments that pass by in a blur. You may have heard it one too many times by now, but the saying is true: it will be over before you know it.

Videographers capture the things that can’t be caught on film alone, like when you couldn’t say your vows because of your happy tears or that hilarious impersonation your Best Man did in his roast, so that you can revisit and relive those special moments long after the wedding day.

“The benefits of having your day professionally captured on film are numerous,” says Leslee Leaming of Leslee Leaming Films. “It’s surprising how quickly the wedding day passes. Your memories are what you have left after the cake is eaten and the flowers have wilted. Photos are priceless, but nothing captures the raw emotion and feel of your day like film. Your wedding film is the truest account of your big day. Each time you watch it, you truly relive it all over again.”


When meeting with your videographer, Leslee Leaming of Leslee Leaming Films suggests that you start with talking about yourselves. “At our first meeting, I want to learn all about you and your fiancé. I want to hear about how you met, how he proposed, and what you love about each other.” After that, you’ll talk about your vision for your wedding day. “I also want to learn about your wedding plans and your other vendors. Then I will ask you to tell me what you love about the wedding films you’ve seen online. What about your wedding day do you want to be able to show your children someday? In the months leading up to the big day, you and I will stay in touch regarding details and wedding day timeline.”


When you’ve found a videographer who understands your wedding day vision and the moments you want to capture, arrange to sign a contract. Review the contract for the information below before signing:

  • Who: name and contact info (your’s and their’s)
  • What: services they’ll be providing
  • Where: the location of your events
  • When: dates and times of service
  • How much: cost per service, including set-up and clean-up fees
  • Receipt: the deposit paid, the balance due and due dates
  • Uh oh: cancellation policies and emergencies

Once you and your videographer have signed the contract, file it with the rest of your vendor contracts and update your budget to reflect the deposit paid and any balances due.

Now that you’ve reviewed our tips on how to hire a wedding videographer, it’s time to begin looking for the right videographer for you. Set up consultations with several in your area, and print out the videography contract section above to make sure that you’re prepared. Above all, make sure you work with a videographer whose style you like and who works with your budget.