Tips for Wedding Calligraphy

If you’re interested in hiring a calligrapher or handwriting artist for your wedding stationery, follow the below tips for wedding calligraphy to make sure that you work on the right timeline and find the right calligrapher for you.

Not sure how to make calligraphy work for you? If you’re wary of appearing “old fashioned,” check out these great hand lettered envelopes by Sally Balt of La Happy.


You’ll need to get invitations in the mail at a minimum of 8 weeks before your wedding date, so if you plan to use a calligrapher for your invitations or envelopes, begin looking early! Whoever you hire will need plenty of time to address everything before it’s time to drop it in the mail. Schedule a consultation with him or her so that you can see samples of the calligrapher’s work and talk through your calligraphy needs for the invitations and any other paper goods.

If you’re working with a calligrapher, plan to have the envelopes back before then so that you have time to get them in the mail.

Don’t feel the need to stick to “formal” calligraphy – handwriting artists do amazing work! We’re in love with the amazing pieces by Sally at La Happy and Julia Manchik.


When you’ve found a calligrapher or handwriting artist that you like, move forward with the contract. While it might vary, the contract should include the information below:

  • Who: name and contact info (your’s and their’s)
  • What: everything they’ll be providing (inner and outer envelopes, additional paper goods)
  • When: date items must be delivered to calligrapher and date they will be returned
  • How much: cost per item
  • Receipt: total cost

Some calligraphers will require you to order a proof before moving ahead with the final order, so check with yours to find out if that’s the case. Mistakes are easy to make when you’re handwriting a hundred addresses, so drop off a few extra envelopes just in case.

Regardless of whether you’re going for a more classic calligraphy or a modern twist, the above tips should help when looking for and hiring a handwriting artist for your wedding calligraphy.