How to Make a Wedding Program

Wedding programs are the only item on your wedding stationery list that relate specifically to your wedding ceremony. The good news is they’re pretty easy to put together and can be done just a few weeks before your big day. If you’re not sure how to make a wedding program, keep reading for a quick breakdown.


A good program tells your guests what will be happening and who will be doing it. They’re helpful but certainly not required. If you do want to do a program, at minimum you should include a rough order of the ceremony (think processional, the names of readings, songs, and hymns, the exchange of vows and rings). If you want to go into more detail, you can include the names of every person in the processional, the lyrics to songs and hymns you want your guests to participate in singing, prayers you’d like your guests to be included in, and the name of your officiant. You can also use the program to give a general shout of appreciation for all of your guests or to honor special family members who aren’t able to celebrate with you on your big day.


As far as how to make a wedding program, if you’re looking to save yourself some time and energy, order your programs through a wedding stationer. A quick online search for “wedding program” should turn a few up. If you’re creative and computer savvy, you can make it yourself and print it on card stock. And of course if you’re wondering if you even need a wedding program, see what we have to say about a similar issue here.