Do You Need a Wedding Menu?

You’ve already looked through our guide to wedding stationery, sent out your save the dates, picked out the invitations, and opted for the escort cards. So do you need a wedding menu? The answer depends.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by just how many paper products you need to buy, especially if you want each to be perfect. We love the advice of event stylist Jen Elliott Blake: “Less can be more. Yes, things like flowers and paper details and great linens can all enhance the beauty of the day (I recommend all of them!), but they can be done in a way that is cost effective and also visually appealing too. For example, instead of feeling like you have to have every last paper detail imaginable at your wedding, just focus on a beautiful dinner menu. Put all the money you might spend on ceremony programs, or favors, or labels for your desserts into one beautiful hand-calligraphed menu at each spot at the table. A detail like that can be so visually striking when displayed side by side at each plate.”

Menus are another optional item, but they’re helpful if you’re allowing guests to make their meal choice while actually at the wedding, if you want to acknowledge the chef and / or catering company behind the meal, or if you just want to let your guests know what’s for dinner.

If you’re printing menus on card stock, you can order them through stationary companies or find a free printable, and you’ll include them in the place settings at each seat. If you don’t want to print menus you can meal options or buffet items on an extra-large chalkboard leading into the reception or on smaller cards next to each item on the buffet.

Still wondering if you need a wedding menu? Revisit your Top Three Things and ask how it fits into the overall priorities. If it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to move ahead without it. But if amazing food and drink is one of your priorities, then maybe it does. Overall, the important thing is not to stress about it. At the end of the day, you’re getting married, and that’s what your guests are going to remember most of all.