Should You Have a DIY Wedding?

If you’ve spent any amount of time on wedding blogs or Pinterest at all, then you may be itching to try your own hand at a DIY wedding.

Doing it yourself can sound super fun and exciting when you’re picking out your wedding decorations, but before you decide to tackle all of the details yourself, ask yourself if you have the time to take on new projects, the team to help you do it, and the experience making beautiful things with your own two hands.

If not, it might be easier to go through someone who does while still getting that same DIY feel. Wedding blogs offer loads of free printables like signage, escort cards, bride and groom signs, and photo booth props (mustaches are totally still a thing), Etsy vendors can DIY your details for you so you still get that unique cake topper and guest book or your special favors and garland without having to teach yourself how to do it all.

You’ll still get a DIY wedding, but the only difference is someone else DIYed it for you. Need more decor ideas and inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board and don’t forget to check out our tips for renting your wedding.