The Bridal Luncheon

While a bridal luncheon isn’t required, it’s a great way to get some one-on-one time with your bridesmaids before the craziness of the big day.

Of course you’ll want to thank your ladies, too, and a bridal luncheon is an opportunity for the bride to host her bridesmaids in the week leading up to the wedding. It’s usually a morning or early afternoon gathering over brunch or tea as a way to say thank you to the bridesmaids for all of their hard work. The important thing is showing your gratitude to the people who are working hard to make your wedding wonderful.

If you want to host a bridal luncheon, start browsing your options for a location. You can do it at your house, a family member’s house, or a restaurant or venue. Once you have a date and location in mind, reach out to your bridesmaids and set aside the time for all of you to get together, relax, and have fun before all of the other wedding festivities ensue. Make it a time to let each bridesmaid know how much she means to you and how thankful you are for having her with you on your big day.

And of course the bridal luncheon doesn’t have to be lunch at all. Manis / pedis, an hour of pampering, or maybe even frozen yogurt with the girls will all do the trick.

The Wedding Rehearsal

The wedding rehearsal is an integral part of wedding planning.

The rehearsal is your moment to put everything into practice so that everyone involved is familiar with their roles before the big day. Typically the ceremony officiant will lead the rehearsal, and it usually takes place the afternoon before the wedding day.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions at your rehearsal or to go through the motions several times until everyone is clear on where they should be and when they should be there. And most of all, don’t forget to have fun. More than likely the groomsmen will be cracking jokes and not paying attention. (Boys!) They’ll rely on the bridesmaids for help later.

Your officiant and / or wedding coordinator will help guide you through the process, and the rehearsal is a great time to take a deep breath, have fun, and remember that you and your fiance are on your way to starting your new life together.

And since you’ll have all of your important people in one place, it’s also a good time to distribute copies of your important people contact list and wedding day schedule.

As you walk through your wedding rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, remember to take it all in and enjoy the moment with your loved ones. You’re almost there!

What You Need to Know About the Bachelor Party

Both the bachelor party and bachelorette party are typically thrown by the Best Man or the Maid of Honor respectively. But when it comes to how to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party, there’s only one simple rule: have fun with your friends.

The bachelor and / or bachelorette party is an opportunity to get your wolfpack together to celebrate the end of your singleness. We’d give you suggestions, but given that we spend our spare time writing wedding planning guides, we’ll defer to your judgment as to what constitutes a weekend of fun.

Chances are your bridal party is already scheming on ways to celebrate your final few weeks of single living, and if you have opinions about it, now is the time to let them know.

Whether you’re going for one last night on the town or something more laid back, ask the host to take everyone’s schedules and budget into mind when he or she is putting it together. If your groomsmen or bridesmaids live all over the place and will have to fly in for your bachelor(ette) party and your wedding just a few short weeks later, maybe nix the big bash and go for something smaller and intimate with friends who are nearby.

At the end of the day, there are no rules as to what the bachelor party or bachelorette party should look like.

Bridal Shower Etiquette

The months leading up to your wedding day can be both a flurry of fun and a frenzy of activity. And let’s be honest – it can be hard not to get caught up in all the fun that goes with being a bride. After all, who doesn’t like being celebrated? The bridal shower is just one of the many occasions in which your family and friends may choose to get together and shower you with love. But before you start picking out themes and Pinning loads of inspiration, make sure you have a handle on basic bridal shower etiquette.

Showers are a fun opportunity for everyone to get together and mingle before the big day, but technically showers are optional, and it’s completely up to your loved ones as to whether or not they want to hold one. Typically your bridesmaids, family members, or close friends will take the lead in planning a shower. Share your wedding guest list with your bridesmaids and close family members, and let them handle all invitations and planning and hosting duties.

Some hosts choose fun themes and coordinate all of the gifts and games to go along, but if you’d rather keep things simple, just let them know. Make the thank you note process simple by having a good friend keep track of the gifts received and who gifted them.

And of course, remember to say thank you to your hosts as well. It’s not just good bridal shower etiquette, but it’s a good habit to be in as your loved ones celebrate you and your fiance through your wedding day.