Planning for Out of Town Wedding Guests

A wedding is a great opportunity to get friends and family together from far and wide. If you’re planning for out of town wedding guests, make their stays more enjoyable by arranging for accommodations and transportation.

Setting up the reduced rates with hotel hospitality managers is usually an easy process. You’ll call and give the hotel your wedding date details and a general idea of how many rooms you may need. It doesn’t have to be exact – don’t worry about filling every room. The manager will quote you a discounted rate and will send a simple contract for the two of you to sign.

As soon as it’s official, you’ll receive a special code or URL that your guests can use when booking their rooms. Spread the word with your wedding party and close family, and post the details on your wedding website.

If you’re still working through tasks from previous weeks, see if a friend or family member can help with this. Then treat them to a beer, a dinner date, or a strong high five for taking something off of your plate.

Most venues can recommend nearby hotels, or you can search Kayak, Orbitz, and other travel sites for nearby accommodations.

If you have a lot of guests flying in from out of town, you might also want to book transportation to help them get from their hotel to the wedding venue and back again. Whether you’re thinking party bus or limo, start looking into local transportation companies and comparing rates. When you find one that works for you, sign the contract and let your guests know through word of mouth and your wedding website.

Arranging accommodations and transportation will make planning for out of town guests easier for both you and your guests. If you find yourself with a little extra time, you can even prepare small goodie bags to welcome your guests. For inspiration, see our Pinterest board for gifts and favors.