Get Help With Your Wedding Guest List

When you first begin wedding planning, it can be tempting to try to assemble and manage your wedding guest list on your own. After all, spreadsheets are free and making a list of family members and friends shouldn’t be that hard, right? But before you go any further, it’s wise to consider getting help with your wedding guest list.

Not only are your guests an incredibly important piece of your wedding day, but communicating with them will be a big piece of the wedding planning process.

You’ll need to send save the dates and invitations as well as chase down mailing addresses, email addresses, and RSVPs. You’ll also be sharing regular updates on the status of your guest list with your venue, vendors, and wedding planner.

Save yourself a whole lotta work down the line and sign up for a guest list management tool before you even begin. We think ours is pretty great since it takes the hard work of collecting email addresses, mailing addresses, and RSVPs off your plate, and it also gives you up to the minute estimates as to how many of your guests will likely attend.

Using an online guest list management tool to help with your wedding guest list will not only ensure that your guest list is up to date at all times, it will also free you up to spend your time on other areas of wedding planning. Like finding the perfect dress!