Tips to Write Your Own Wedding Vows

Do you plan to write your own wedding vows?

Your vows are one of the most intimate, yet public pieces, of your wedding day. Whether you’re planning on reciting words of tradition or writing your own, these will be the words that seal the deal and reflect your shared commitment to have and to hold.

But if you’re writing your own vows, it can be difficult to know where to start. Talk about pressure, right? Just be natural! This is the moment that you get to look your true love in the eyes and tell him or her how you feel. For real. In front of everyone. Just a few words to let your betrothed know that yes, you’re really in this for the long haul. That you can’t think of a better person to be jumping into the deep end with than the one you’re looking at right now. And that come hell or high water, you’re digging your heels into the side of love.

For your first go, write down your feelings, unedited and raw. From there, create your vows. It may take a few passes, and it may take hearing it out loud. But whether you read them, memorize them, or choke them out through happy tears, they’re yours, and they’re the beginning of your forever together.

Even if you’re planning on reciting traditional vows, it can’t hurt to write your own wedding vows in a short note to your betrothed. You can share it in a letter the morning of your wedding day or exchange notes after your big day has passed.