What to Look For in Your Wedding Venue Contract

If you’re just beginning to search for a wedding venue, make sure you read our tips on how to find a wedding venue and our list of questions to ask your wedding venue.

Once you’ve found the right venue or venues, look over a contract to make sure it includes all of the information below:

  • Who: name and contact info (your’s and their’s)
  • What: everything they’ll be providing (ceremony location, reception location, rehearsal space and time, tables and chairs, and terms for guests and vendors)
  • Where: the location of your events
  • When: dates and times of event and length of time venue is available to you
  • How much: cost of venue
  • Receipt: the deposit paid, the balance due and due dates
  • Uh oh: cancellation and overtime policies and emergencies

Additionally, ask for a floor plan of your venue if it’s not already included. You’ll use that later as you or your wedding planner or designer decide how to make the space work for you. Once you sign the contract, make a copy and file it in a place that will be easily accessible throughout your planning process.

We recommend that you print this guide out and take it with you to each of your venue visits, so that you know what to look for in your wedding venue contract.