Why You Need Wedding Insurance

When you’re stretching every cent you have to pay for a wedding, it can be tempting to overlook things that seem like an unnecessary expense. Certainly wedding insurance doesn’t sound like a necessary line item, right? But it’s precisely because you’re spending so much on your wedding day that you should take some time to consider if you do actually need wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance might sound over the top, but it’s not a bad idea if you’re investing a lot into your big day. A good insurance policy protects you from major financial liability in the case of any last minute cancellations, either due to weather, illness, or deployment, or fees from no-show vendors. Wedding insurance typically runs from $100 and upward depending on the type of coverage you select.

Start by checking out the insurance companies below:

If you’re buying new wedding rings, it’s also a good idea to look at jewelry insurance. For more information on jewelry insurance, see our tips for buying wedding rings.