What to Tip Wedding Vendors

As you begin to hire your vendors, you’ll not only want to make sure that each vendor is within your specific budget, but that you also have a good idea as to what to tip wedding vendors. If the tip is significant, it could have bearing on your final budget, so keep this in mind as you make each monetary decision.

As you’re preparing your vendor payment envelopes, look back at your contracts to see if tip is included with the balances due. If not, slip a little something extra into the appropriate envelopes and hand them off to your Best Man to distribute after your ceremony or at the end of the night. Below is a quick cheat sheet of suggested tips for your vendors:

  • Bartenders: 10% of the liquor bill
  • Catering: Gift the manager a cash tip of 1-2% of the total fee or a personal gift, like a nice bottle of champagne
  • Chef: $100 or more
  • Coat attendants: $1.00-$2.00 per guest
  • Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: 15-20%
  • Transportation & Valet: 15%
  • DJ or Band: 15% or $25.00-$50.00 per musician
  • Waiters: Leave an envelope with $20.00 per waiter with the catering manager

Even if you’re not including an extra tip on top of what was agreed to, this is where a thank you can go a long way. Keep the thanks going after the honeymoon with a thank you note by mail and a review of their services for future couples to refer to.

Now that you know what to tip wedding vendors, calculate the specific tips for your actual vendors and update your budget.